3 major reasons why Rooibos Tea will improve your sleep

3 major reasons why Rooibos Tea will improve your sleep

Did you know that drinking rooibos tea supplies your body with all the nutrients it needs for a peaceful night’s rest?  Here are3 major reasons why you should be drinking a cup of rooibos tea  before bedtime.

1.  Rooibos Tea  contain magnesium and calcium

Rooibos tea contain magnesium and calcium.  Calcium is a mineral that works in conjunction with magnesium and promotes good sleep.  

Magnesium improves the quality of your sleep by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and helps to calm the central nervous system.  It also is a natural muscle relaxer and may help with restless leg syndrome.

If you have broken sleep during the night, this could be a sign that your body is low in calcium.  Calcium levels rise naturally during deep sleep (R.E.M) and helps the brain process tryptophan, an amino acid, into the sleep hormone melatonin.  Melatonin controls your body’s sleep and wake cycles and if your body doesn’t or can’t produce enough melatonin, your sleep will suffer.  

Magnesium and calcium are more easily absorbed when taken together, which is why rooibos tea and honey make for a good bedtime drink.

2.  Rooibos lowers cortisol levels

Rooibos tea helps to reduce the production of cortisol when can help improve your sleep.

The “wake up” hormone is naturally higher in the mornings when you wake up.  Ideally, cortisol levels should decline steadily in the evening, but extended periods of stress increase cortisol levels, which in turn causes insomnia and weight gain.

Rooibos tea contains aspalathin and nothofagin, which interfere with the production of cortisol and helps to alleviate stress.  

3.    Rooibos tea is caffeine-free

Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you awake and is found in most teas and coffees.   Did you know that it takes approximately 45 minutes for 99% of caffeine in a drink to be absorbed through the membranes and organs of your body?  The half-life of caffeine is anywhere from 4 – 6 hours on average which means that the average caffeine effect  will last about 4 to 6 hours.   Having a caffeine drink such as coffee and most teas before bed makes it harder for you to fall asleep.  Studies have found that caffeine can delay the timing of your body clock therefore reducing your total sleep time.  As  a rule of thumb you should not be consuming caffeine 6 hours before bed time.  Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine-free and an ideal drink to have before bedtime.

Have you tried drinking rooibos tea before bed and noticed the difference?  Let us know.  3 major 


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