3 proven Rooibos Tea health benefits

3 proven Rooibos Tea health benefits

Rooibos tea or Aspalathus linearis, Fabaceae, is indigenous to South African’s Cedarberg and neighbouring mountains. Known by its deep, red tinge and slightly sweet flavour, this warm beverage is so much more than just another cup of tea! In fact, this local favourite has become popular internationally due to its apparent health-giving properties. So that leaves the question, how does Rooibos Tea improve your health?  There’s so many benefits, but here are 3 Rooibos tea health benefits for your consideration.

Helps you stay younger for longer

Japanese researchers were the first to study the anti-ageing properties of Rooibos Tea, dating back to the 1960s. They discovered that Rooibos has a powerful antioxidant that is likely to retard ageing. Besides antioxidants, Rooibos also has quercetin, containing potent anti-inflammatory properties, as well as spalathin, which offsets the atherosclerotic processes that lead to heart disease. 

Rooibos Tea helps your skin stay young and healthy too – high in alpha-hydroxy, Rooibos Tea reduces the signs of ageing and revitalises the skin. This herbal tea is also rich in zinc to help protect your skin against harsh UV rays and reduce inflammation.

Recent South African studies showed that Rooibos Tea contains properties that effectively combats the degeneration of preadipocytes. These are the predominant cells found in fat tissue, which essentially means Rooibos Tea plays a role in reversing the onset of age-related diseases, while keep wrinkles at bay.

Improves breathing

Take a deep breath, and make a cup of tea… We often associate Rooibos Tea with relaxation – a lovely cup of tea in the garden, the kitchen or bed surely does the trick to relax and refresh you. But Rooibos tea actually does more than help you take that pause. It can help clear sinuses and the respiratory system. In fact, Rooibos Tea has been proven to be a bronchodilator that aids the passage of airflow to the lungs.

This makes Rooibos Tea a great choice for those who suffer from acute asthma and other respiratory challenges, as it could aid in alleviating symptoms.

Aids digestion         

We’ve probably all had that cup of black Rooibos Tea during a tummy bug. So it turns out it is not all in the mind. Rooibos Tea contains antispasmodic properties, like quercetin, orientin and vitexin that help to relax the digestive system.    

For those suffering from the discomforts of IBS, try having a cup a half an hour before you eat. This could ease a bit of the discomfort you may feel after eating. Studies also show that the tannins in Rooibos could be effective in helping your body get rid of pathogens that cause diarrhea. This explains why this tea is the go-to replenishing beverage when we are battling that infamous stomach bug.

These are only but a few of the amazing ways in which Rooibos Tea may improve your health. And at least three more reasons why you should have another cup…daily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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