Here’s how Rooibos Tea helps you lose weight

Here’s how Rooibos Tea helps you lose weight

The humble Rooibos Tea has been known for its medicinal properties for years. Benefits vary from anti-ageing properties to contributing to gut health. But did you know that by simply drinking one cup of Rooibos Tea per day, you can lose weight? Tweaked your taste buds…and interest? Here is how this red leaf brew, namely Rooibos, can help you lose weight.

Oh, oh, oh sweet tea of mine (or hold the sugar)

Rooibos tea is a naturally sweet beverage, which makes it enjoyable without needing to add any sugar or sweeteners. In fact, it even tastes good without milk and comes in a range of yummy flavoured options. If you replaced one cup of tea per day with your cup of coffee (with milk and one spoon of sugar), you are cutting out anywhere from 35 to 250 calories per cup. Depending on how much coffee you drink to keep you going, this could translate to losing up to a kilogram per month! 

 The ultimate fat and calorie-free option

Besides being naturally sweet, Rooibos tea is completely fat-free and calorie-free. So, with absolutely no hidden extras…just good and pure tea. This makes it a great refreshment (hot or cold) during summer or winter. No wonder celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta Jones swear by it! 

 The less-stress drink

Besides its great taste, Rooibos tea also contains a unique antioxidant called Aspalathin. While difficult to pronounce it won’t add any stress to your life, in fact, it reduces stress hormones in the body. And as stress can contribute to appetite and fat storage that can lead to all kinds of problems and of course weight gain – this amazing antioxidant can help you relax and keep down the weight at the same time.

The power of antioxidants

A recent study and report by Dr Hanel Sadie-van Gijsen from Stellenbosch University, investigates the weight-loss properties of rooibos tea.  Dr Sadie-van Gijsen explained that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of rooibos tea are key to its weight loss properties.  Inflammation and oxidative stress contribute to dysfunction fat in our bodies.  And it is dysfunctional fat that often contributes to diseases associated with obesity.  Dr Sadie-van Gijsen explained that when we address inflammation and oxidative stress with our bodies’ fat tissue and fat stem cells, we could relieve inflammation and insulin resistance.  At the same time, we also improve the fat storage function, which helps clear fat and glucose from the bloodstream.  Rooibos tea could therefore be a powerful ingredient to add to your daily diet to tackle weight-loss.

So, if you haven’t had your cup of coffee yet – it might be worth considering replacing that caffeine-loaded drink with a healthy, naturally sweet-tasting cup of Rooibos Tea.  The enjoyable, healthy alternative that can help you relax, stay young and even help you lose weight.

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