Superfruit Berry Rooibos Ice Tea Recipe

Superfruit Berry Rooibos Ice Tea Recipe

At Simply Rooibos, we believe that rooibos is a way of life, a lifestyle so to speak.  If you’re health conscious and believe in the power and goodness of rooibos as much as we do, then you may also be on the lookout to find new ways to incorporate rooibos into your life.

One of the many reasons why we love and support the Carmien Rooibos Tea brand is due to their creativity when it comes to combining and blending rooibos with a variety of antioxidant or health boosting alternatives to offer you an enjoyable yet healthy rooibos tea experience.

Let’s first address what a superfruit is so that we can understand why this ice tea is not only delicious but good for you.  Superfruit is essentially any fruit that is jam-packed with lots of antioxidants.  Studies show that an antioxidant rich diet may reduce the risk of many diseases, which includes heart disease and certain cancers.  Antioxidants fight the free radicals at a cellular level helping to prevent or reduce the damage caused by oxidation.  

Carmien Tea’s Superfruit Rooibos Tea blend contains green rooibos, known to have more antioxidants than red rooibos tea along with superfruits such as acai berry, moringa and hibiscus flowers.  Green rooibos, moringa and hibiscus are also anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and have cholesterol lowering properties.  This lovely superfruit rooibos tea has a lovely fruity strawberry aroma that makes for a great ice tea in summer.

Without further ado, here is your Superfruit Berry Rooibos Ice Tea Recipe.

Superfruit Berry Rooibos Ice Tea Recipe


750 ml (3 c) Carmien Superfruit Rooibos (Acai, Moringa & Hibiscus), made with 6–8 bags

125 ml (1/2 c) Carmien Revive (green rooibos, ginger & chilli), made with 1 tea bag (optional)

30 ml (2 T) lime juice

About 375 ml (11/2 c) clear apple juice

A handful of frozen mixed berries eg raspberries

2 basil leaves

10 ml (2 t) sugar or to taste

Pinch of salt



Tonic water or sparkling water to top up

1 small jalapeno chilli

Thin apple slices

Handful of blueberries

1—2 basil leaves



1.  Infuse the tea until cooled, remove the tea bags, making sure to give it a good squeeze. Mix tea, lime juice and apple juice and cool till needed.

2.   Process the frozen berries with the basil leaves, sugar and salt till smooth. Spoon into a jar, mugs or glasses.

3.   Add the refrigerated tea and top with tonic water or sparkling water to taste. Add some ice.

4.   Add jalapeno chilli, sliced apple and basil leaves


Recipe courtesy of Carmien Tea.

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